about us


Yael Lir is the principal and founder of Yael Lir Landscape Architects in South Pasadena, California. She is a practicing licensed landscape architect with a Masters Degree in Horticulture. Yael Lir has performed extensive research into various aspects of plant growth and development internationally for over a decade.

We start every project with a careful study of the site. Our goal is to connect the environments and create a natural, aesthetic space where people can live, play, create and become inspired.

Acutely aware of our planet’s limited natural resources, Yael Lir Landscape Architects are extremely creative in maintaining and enhancing the natural treasures on each and every project with limited environmental waste. This skill and ability has earned us the prestigious Innovative Sustainability Award.

Yael Lir is a firm believer that the art of landscape design has the power to uplift and heal the Human spirit.