South East High School, South Gate, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects
South East Middle School, South Gate, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Belmont Primary Center, Los Angeles, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Glassell Park Early Education Center, LA, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Mayfield School, Pasadena, CA. NTD Architects
Heroes School K-3 school, Santa Ana, CA. NTD Stickler Architects
Park Century School, Culver City, CA. CWA Architects
CREEC #2 School, A Design W/ Nature Campus, LA, CA. STV Architects
Young Israel of N. Beverly Hills School & a Synagogue, The Albert Group Architects, Ca
Camino Nuevo K-8 Charter School, Los Angeles, GKK Works Architects Pasadena, CA
Department of Water & Power, Gold Leed Project, Pasadena, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects.  2011 AIA Honor Award
Laborers Local 300 Headquarter, LA, CA. FSY Architects
JPL, Traffic Circle & Check Point, Pasadena, CA. JTC Architects
Family Resource Center, LA Redevelopment Agency, LA, CA. Carde Ten Architects
Union Station Homeless Home, Pasadena, CA. Gonzalez Goodale Architects
The Good Shepherd, Transitional Home for Women, LA, CA. ONYX Architects
Roxbury 60 units Condo, West LA, CA. Birba Architect
Agoura I & II, New Communities, Agoura, CA. Riopharm INC Development
Osborn Garden 51 units Garden Apartments, Pacoima, CA. FSY Architects
Bixel on Five, Upscale 80 units Apartment Complex, LA, CA. Aleks Istanbullu, Birba Architects
Leighton Apartments, A leed Project, LA, CA. Enterprise Home Ownership Developers
Miramar A 114 unit low income housing, LA, CA. Arbel Henderson
Gardner Condo, West Hollywood, CA. LOHA Architects
Sweetzer Lofts, West Hollywood, CA. Aleks Istanbullu Architects
Seventeen Street Lofts, Santa Monica, CA. Michael Folonis Architect
Palm Condo, Beverly Hills, CA. Architecture West Architects
Rio Vista, 50 unit Low Income Apartment, LA, CA. Adobe Community Architects
Carl Street Multi Family Residence, Habitat For Humanity Developer
Artist in Residence, Roof Garden, LA, CA. Carlson Industries Development
Hacienda Heights Senior Village, 160 units project. FSY Architects
Assisted Living, A Master Plan, LA, CA. TAG Architects
BASF, Rail Road Project, City of San Bernardino, CA. Wilson & Company Architects
First Congregational Church of Sierra Madre, CA. Onyx Architects
Oxnard Church, Oxnard CA. Nassef Eskander Architect
Socal Clinic lab, Pasadena, CA. NTD Architects
Alexandria, Hi Tech Office Cluster, Pasadena, CA. NTD Architects
Stanford Regency Plaza, Retail Plaza, LA, CA. Hoffman Development
YMCA Job Corp LA, CA. Onyx Architects
Alondra Plaza, Mixed Use, South Gate, CA. Universal Property Investment Developers
Oakwood Plaza, Mixed Use, Lynwood, CA. Universal Property Investment Developers
Eagle Rock Mixed Use Project, Eagle Rock, CA. Pete Wilson Architect
Evergreen Padua Garden, Rural Streetscape, Claremont, CA. Wheeler & Wheelers Architects
Street Median, Eagle Rock, CA. Pete Wilson Architect
A. Residence, Mulholland Corridor, LA, CA. Yair Koshet Architect
F. Residence, Mulholland Corridor, LA, CA. Raeen Construction, Architects
Itah Residence, Beverly Hills, CA. Milan Architects